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NanoNotion is an Azure SaaS application for which a Microsoft office 365 or Azure account is needed. The software allows employees to share ideas and knowledge with others. Additionally, the platform helps managers identify the intellectual assets of the business or organization. Sharing of diverse ideas and knowledge will help users design new products and services. Employees can be rewarded for sharing creative ideas and knowledge, which incentivizes other employees to do the same. A digital suggestion box gives employees an option for submitting anonymous feedback regarding work environment improvements and other concerns. As industry requirements continuously change, management has to adjust policies and procedures accordingly. NanoNotion helps validate modified rules and procedures to avoid any chance of miscommunication. A library of notions is created to review what others have written and to discuss in more detail.
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NanoNotion pricing

NanoNotion does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. NanoNotion paid version starts at US$250.00/month.

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