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The NFT Brewery solutions make it easy to create millions of NFTs at the click of a button whether it is for gaming applications or for airdrops for engaging fan experiences. For enterprises not versed in crypto payments, we provide on and off ramps for fiat payments. For consumers, we make it easy to participate in Web3 and Metaverse by eliminating the need to have crypto wallets. The NFT Brewery suite of APIs abstracts away the complexity of working with blockchain technology so that any web developer can easily create NFT-based solutions. These solutions are specifically geared toward helping enterprises with NFT creation and management across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, ImmutableX, and Solana. NFTs are the primitives for Web3 and Metaverse and The NFT Brewery’s vision is to create the largest set of repositories and tools to enable these primitives at the click of a button. Our APIs help businesses and enterprises create application-specific NFTs, and securely manage the underlying digital assets and IP rights along with their corresponding metadata and provenance information. Our solutions allow any developer to work with Web3 technology and lay the foundations for their Metaverse strategy. Our APIs are designed to let creators easily manage and monetize the entire lifecycle for their NFT assets. Our resources are directly helping expand the Web3 market for both the developers and consumers to partake in the decentralized economies of the future. The NFT Brewery's innovative technology stack can onboard users without the need for them to have exposure to the complexities of crypto wallets. Further, our payment solutions allow users to pay in regular fiat in any currency using their credit or debit cards or even wire transfers. Our customers are using our technology stack to create real-life (IRL) use cases, such as launching new digital products, creating digital assets, providing exclusive access, engaging consumers in a Metaverse, ticketing for events etc.
The NFT Brewery Software - NFTs and digital assets minted and created with The NFT Brewery can be transacted with credit or debit cards

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The NFT Brewery does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. The NFT Brewery paid version starts at US$1,000.00.

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