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OCR Gateway is a data capture and document automation tool that helps businesses optimize document workflows. We are experienced in automating processes across several industries, like logistics, legal, healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, commercial real estate, property management, claims-based insurance companies, and others. By using OCR Gateway, businesses can eliminate the need for time-consuming document sorting and data entry, and focus on mission-critical, profit-driving business activities. Businesses can automate data processing using OCR Gateway, and optimize the closely connected document management workflows, such as getting documents signed and approved, getting invoices paid, or getting products shipped. OCR Gateway is easy to set up and integrate and immediately notify businesses of any potential issues in the processed data. It allows staff members to customize the automation based on the document workflows, office procedures and business goals. It provides multiple integrations and triggers customization options. OCR Gateway enables businesses to reduce costs on manual data entry, paper, postal services, envelopes and other expenses. It provides built-in email and electronic fax features, which allows users to send documents at a faster pace. OCR Gateway includes a variety of data security features. Administrators can also configure user roles, access rights, and data retention policies. It provides team collaboration functionalities, which allows employees to handle documents more efficiently, especially for businesses with both remote and office workers, enhancing overall productivity and increases the quality of results.
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