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Cyberbank is a digital core banking platform from Technisys that redefines the customer experience by enabling banks and fintech firms to dynamically design financial products. It also helps offer recommendations to customers as per requirement. In today’s digital age, everything is going the route of digital banking such as branches, call centers, ATMs and more. The importance of embracing this digital evolution is clear. This is why Technisys’ unique structural flexibility empowers banks to address the specific needs of customers. Banks can deliver a delightful experience to customers wherever and whenever the customer needs it such as offering cash management options, collections, or other benefits to a customer and help him manage fluctuating utility costs due to seasonal changes. Users can access an integrated banking ecosystem to discover innovative services and redefine how customers capture real value from financial services such as accessing and moving money anytime through fee-friendly products such as a bill pay, digital account or gift/reward card. Cyberbank empowers banks to implement changes in their system without worrying about thousands of existing customizations in the system. Customer centricity is not a marketing message at Technisys. Cyberbank lets institutions create and deliver tailored product offerings directly into customers’ buying journey and at point-of-sale for a specific audience segment or down to the segment of one. To achieve the agility and speed needed by today’s financial business, a digital banking platform with modern architecture is a critical piece of the puzzle. The platform enables financial institutions to maintain a high performing native cloud platform, built entirely on the power of APIs, enabling users to deploy and scale as per business. Because of Cyberbank's end-to-end digital backbone, not only banks can add a delightful experience to existing system, but also can tailor product offerings across the entire product lifecycle by using an extensive set of APIs. Professionals can create new financial products and deliver products in multiple channels like banking portal or online eMarketplace and offer completely tailored products with high accuracy.
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