About NLP Cloud

NLPCloud.io has been released in order to help developers and data scientists easily use the best spaCy and Hugging Face transformers models in production. NLP Cloud is a NLP API suited for production that handles all the server side aspects of machine learning (high-availability, scalability, resources optimization...). The API gives you access to the most useful NLP features: Named Entity Recognition (NER), sentiment-analysis, text classification, summarization, question answering, translation, language detection, tokenization, and Part-Of-Speech (POS) tagging. Not only can you use the available pre-trained models, but you can also leverage your own in-house transformers-based models and spaCy models. Both free an paid plans are proposed. The free plan is unlimited in time, and the paid plans are affordable. Using such an API is the best way not to worry about the DevOps side of machine learning in production. It's also an interesting way to test the new cutting-edge open source models without installing anything locally.
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NLP Cloud pricing

NLP Cloud has a free version and offers a free trial. NLP Cloud paid version starts at US$29.00/month.

Starting Price:
US$29.00/month See pricing details
Free Version:
Free trial:

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