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Trusted by leading care providers, Medflyt's is a caregiver-centric home care solution that provides care providers with the tools to streamline home care operations. From onboarding to scheduling, Medflyt provides everything care providers need. Features include online staffing, online training, remote onboarding, electronic visit verifications, clinical documentation management, compliance tracking, and more. Medflyt utilizes an intelligent algorithm to match the right caregiver to the cases in real-time. Medflyt’s Compliance Passport keeps all caregivers compliant by allowing caregivers to scan and upload their docs via intuitive digital forms. For new caregivers, businesses can onboard new caregivers remotely using all the necessary forms and documents. Medflyt is available for mobile devices via an iOS and Android app.
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Medflyt pricing

Medflyt does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial. Medflyt paid version starts at US$7.50/month.

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