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Signaturia is an email signature solution that helps businesses of all sizes create and manage custom white-labeled HTML signatures. It allows staff members to utilize the built-in editor with pre-designed templates, apps, and designs to create and save multiple signatures. Signaturia enables team members to build signatures with employee-specific names, titles, contact information, and brand website URLs. Supervisors can generate reports to gain insights into social media signature engagement metrics. Additionally, it lets employees add email banners, skype icons, social media links, Vimeo icons, and more from within a centralized platform. Signaturia allows organizations to connect the platform to several third-party email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. It also offers iOS and Android mobile applications, allowing employees to handle operations remotely. It is available on monthly or annual subscriptions and support is extended via documentation, email, FAQs and other measures.
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Signaturia pricing

Signaturia does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. Signaturia paid version starts at US$5.99/month.

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