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DreamClass is a school and classroom management solution designed to help educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, dance studios, language academies and more, manage operations. The platform, which is deployed within the cloud, provides tools for managing students, attendance, grades, teachers, finances and other operations. With the DreamClass school management system, educational organizations can track student admissions, monitor student progress, track payments and more. Students are assigned a personal student portfolio, which includes information such as contact information, grades, attendance and payment history. Payments can be tracked and logged as paid, pending or overdue. DreamClass offers a student and guardian portal, which allows parents and students to access information including timetables, financials and more. DreamClass pricing scales depending on the number of students and custom quotes can be provided to schools with over 300 students. Support is provided via an online form and searchable knowledge base.
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DreamClass pricing

DreamClass does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. DreamClass paid version starts at US$29.00/month.

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