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Click Fraud Software

Fraud Blocker is a click fraud protection software that detects malicious practices by bots, publishers, and competitors and automatically blocks those bad traffic sources. The software provides users with tools such as... Learn more

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With over 60 billion clicks analyzed, Spider AF is an advanced ad fraud detection platform that allows web advertisers to implement anti-fraud measures for ad campaigns. Spider AF allows businesses to track all ads across the web... Learn more

Lunio is a bot detection and prevention software designed to help businesses identify fraudulent, invalid and unintended clicks. The platform enables managers to assess traffic behavior and define the threat level of traffic... Learn more

Affise is a performance marketing management solution that allows businesses of all sizes to manage and track the performance of affiliates across marketing campaigns. With its administrative dashboard, professionals can view the... Learn more

AppsFlyer is a cloud-based attribution platform that provides businesses across all industries with the tools to analyze and enhance marketing efforts using real-time data. The platform offers a range of modules for attribution,... Learn more

Clixtell is a software-as-a-service that provides advanced Google Ads click fraud protection & detection solutions for businesses and digital marketers around the world. Clixtell is also a cloud-based call tracking solution... Learn more

Singular is a cloud-based marketing analytics and attribution platform, which offers tools for tracking ROI (return on investment), gathering real-time insights, aggregating costs, measuring campaign attribution, preventing... Learn more

Kochava is a real-time data solutions company offering omni-channel measurement and attribution solutions for data-driven marketers. The Marketers Operating System (m/OS) from Kochava empowers advertisers and publishers with a... Learn more

Opticks is a leading invalid traffic detection software that offers advanced solutions for marketers. With Opticks, you can prevent fraudulent traffic, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your return on ad spend. The... Learn more

IPQS is a leading fraud prevention solution tailored for businesses like yours. Powered by the most up-to-date and comprehensive data, our advanced APIs and datasets specialize in real-time fraud prevention with unparalleled... Learn more

Paradome is a full-funnel security platform that can be deployed with Go-to-Market security (GTMSec). It exposes invalid traffic, fake users and bots engaging with your assets, from paid, organic and direct sources. It provides... Learn more

Beacon is truly cross-platform, detecting invalid clicks across all major paid search and paid social channels (including Google Search Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more) as well as programmatic/display... Learn more

The SAFEADS platform monitors all clicks and behaviors to automatically block fraudulent activities. This technology is designed to improve efficiency, limit exposure and eliminate ad fraud, protecting companies from unnecessary... Learn more

Fraud Prevention integrated with campaign tracking capabilities offers a one-stop solution that screens click traffic and conversions in real-time for fraud. When found it can block the click or reject the conversion so that no... Learn more

FRISS allows businesses to detect and prevent financial fraud by providing a single platform for managing trust throughout the insurance value chain - from the first quote through claims investigations. The software provides... Learn more


NS8 is a fraud prevention platform that helps businesses of all sizes ensure secure financial transactions and optimize processing of orders via monitoring, behaviour analytics and real-time scoring. The platform enables... Learn more

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Ad Fraud by mFilterIt is a software solution that helps protect ad campaigns from fraudulent traffic and malware. It enables brands to ensure campaigns are reaching real people and prevents instances of fraud. This solution can... Learn more

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AdClickProtect is a cloud-based software that safeguards accounts from automated clicks, non-human traffic, and other fraudulent activity by continually monitoring campaigns for suspicious activity. By actively detecting click... Learn more

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ClickPatrol is a click fraud solution that helps advertisers control their ad spend. By actively detecting and blocking fraudulent and unwanted clicks, ClickPatrol helps companies save money, maximize ROI and increase conversions.... Learn more

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