Sonix is a web-based solution that allows businesses to transcribe audio and video files. The fully automated software is able to transcribe 30 minutes of audio or video in approximately 3-4 minutes, for industries that require... Learn more

Snowfly is an employee engagement solution that helps businesses streamline employee recognition and satisfaction operations through incentives, rewards and gamification capabilities. It allows managers to monitor employees’... Learn more

CallHippo is a cloud-based call center solution that helps mid to large size businesses with workflow automation and virtual telephony. The platform enables users to give detailed analysis to customers through call recordings.... Learn more

Twilio is the worlds leading cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build, scale, and operate their own customized communication solutions. The platform is designed to be customizable and easy to use, which... Learn more

wolkvox is the most innovative, reliable, easy to use and fast to deploy all-in-one cloud contact center solution on the market. With wolkvox you are offering employees and customers a platform to connect and manage voice, chat,... Learn more

Talkatoo is a speech recognition and dictation solution that helps veterinary organizations utilize the power of speech-to-text technology. With Talkatoo, teams can dictate chart notes on a centralized platform, allowing staff to... Learn more

Braina is a speech-to-text and voice control software that converts your speech into text, allowing you to control your PC using voice commands. Braina was designed by professionals for professionals, as well as businesses and... Learn more

Experience the future of medical transcription with this Advanced AI solution. Tailored specifically for healthcare specialists,this platform offers a seamless integration of technology and accuracy, ensuring every piece of... Learn more

CallFinder is a cloud-based call monitoring solution designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and other industry verticals manage scoring, transcribing, and analysis of... Learn more

Capté is the tool you've been waiting for to caption. Captionnig is essensial. You need to subtitle your videos. 80% of the videos are watched in mute mode. The captions allow you to gain 12% of visibility to your videos. Make... Learn more

Noota is the solution for recording, transcribing, and generating insightful reports for meetings. Why choose Noota? Noota firmly believe in the power of meaningful conversations. What sets their tool apart is its exceptional... Learn more

Reason8 is a cloud-based speech-to-text software designed to help businesses automate summary preparation and note-taking during meetings. The platform includes artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which enables organizations... Learn more offers high qualitative automatic transcripts both for generating subtitles or plain transcripts in text. Therefore this tool can be used for documenting interviews, customer service, meetings or just subtitles for... Learn more

DeepScribe’s AI Medical Scribe is Healthcare’s most trusted medical scribe. Trusted by hundreds of healthcare systems across the US, DeepScribe has helped clinicians get back to practicing medicine with their patients, instead... Learn more

EoleCC is a subtitling platform that helps businesses create subtitles in multiple languages using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Users can upload video or audio, access transcription and translation capabilities by AI... Learn more

Vatis Tech is an on-premise and cloud-based speech recognition software, it's API provides advanced speech-to-text technology that automatically converts audio or video files into text with accuracy, using proprietary deep-learnin... Learn more

Maestra is a speech to text solution that helps businesses across marketing, education and publishing industries streamline closed caption, speech recognition and transcription operations. It enables users to convert audio files... Learn more

RapportCMS is a cloud-based contact center solution with all key call center tools available on demand. While most providers have built solutions from a telephony perspective, it helps recognize what happens after the agent says... Learn more

OneVoice software is for voicemail translations and transcriptions. It enables professionals who can't be reached on their Cisco office phone to access voicemails through their Gmail or Microsoft Exchange email client in a... Learn more

GoSpeech is a speech recognition software that converts speech into text. It is designed for journalists, business professionals, government agencies, and social media managers. GoSpeech offers speech to text transcription by... Learn more

Rythmex is a personal transcription assistant, always ready to transform spoken words into precise written text. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Rythmex makes transcription tasks a breeze, saving users time and... Learn more

SoapBox Labs’ speech recognition technology is built for kids ages 2 to 12. SoapBox’s mission is to transform play and learning experiences for kids using speech recognition. SoapBox’s low-code, independent, and proprietary... Learn more

Verbit is a closed captioning solution, which helps legal professionals and businesses in media, education and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate audio and text transcripts for hearings,... Learn more

Kili is a training data platform that helps businesses manage the training process and data for artificial intelligence and machine learning models. The platform enables users to upload and store codes, datasets, versions and... Learn more

Omnitraq is a business intelligence solution that offers data mining and speech analytics tools for large and midsize call centers in a variety of industries. Omnitraq can capture customer interaction data from a number of... Learn more

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Subcap is an automatic subtitle generator mobile app with high accuracy thanks to its artificial intelligence. It allows users to shoot a video simultaneously or upload a video from the gallery. It automatically transcribes the... Learn more

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