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Fax Server Software

FaxCore is an on-premise and cloud-based fax server software designed to help businesses facilitate the electronic exchange of faxes in compliance with industry regulations. Professionals can use the administrative dashboard to... Learn more

iFax is a cloud-based solution that serves businesses of all sizes across all industries. It uses an online faxing service that is HIPAA compliant and uses military-grade and end-to-end encryption. The application lets users... Learn more

The Updox Communication Platform helps you deliver the best virtual and in-person care so you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Updox works seamlessly with most EMRs, and we provide healthcare providers with improved... Learn more

mFax is a cloud-based fax server software designed to help businesses manage print-to-fax and email-to-fax operations via a unified portal. The platform allows users to route incoming faxes to a specific destination using SFTP... Learn more

eFax is a cloud-based fax server solution designed to help businesses in legal, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries secure information exchange across systems. eFax redefines the landscape of traditional faxing by... Learn more

CocoFax is a cloud-based fax management solution that helps businesses manage faxes using the web or Mac application, mobile devices, and email clients. CocoFax enables enterprises to get a local or toll-free number for sending... Learn more

eGoldFax is a cloud-based fax server solution designed to help businesses in healthcare, education, financial services and other sectors send, receive and retain documents using multiple devices. It allows enterprises to maintain... Learn more

Fax.Plus is an extremely secure HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant online faxing solution for businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to SMEs and even individuals. Fax.Plus Features: • Extremely easy to use with availabilit... Learn more

WestFax is the #1 cloud-based faxing service that offers a variety of features, including Secure faxing: WestFax uses end-to-end encryption to protect your documents from unauthorized access. HIPAA compliance: WestFax is HIPAA... Learn more

NFON provides Business Solutions for Smart Communication. Cloud-powered suite bringing Voice and video calls, customer contact, seamless Integrations and enablement all together. Our smart business communication platform... Learn more

Placetel with Webex is tailored to small start-ups with big plans, medium-sized companies embracing the digital transformation and multinationals that always want to be two steps ahead. The solution combines the Placetel cloud... Learn more

MyFax is an online fax server software designed to help businesses send and receive faxes using local, toll-free and international fax numbers to streamline communications. Key features include archiving, automated routing,... Learn more

ReplixFax is a HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solution tailored for business faxing needs. It equips businesses with various utilities to handle all aspects of fax communication. The solution is designed to support users, applications,... Learn more

InterFAX Online Fax Service is a fax server software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, finance, hospitality, travel, education, and other sectors send, receive, and encrypt faxes. Key features of the platform include... Learn more

NOLA is a call center solution designed to help businesses connect with customers through outbound or inbound calls in compliance with telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) regulations. It enables sales and marketing teams to... Learn more

Sfax is a cloud-based fax server software designed to help businesses in healthcare, real estate, law firms, financial services, transportation, retail, manufacturing, education and other industries share critical data through... Learn more

ICTFAX is an open-source fax software designed to help businesses send and receive faxes via email accounts, websites and web-to-fax services. It includes a statistics dashboard, which lets administrators track inbound and... Learn more

FaxZero is a fax server management software designed to help businesses attach documents in various formats including DOC, PDF, PNG, JPG, HTML, GIF and XLS to send faxes. The platform enables administrators to receive a confirmati... Learn more