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Customer Retention Software

Akita is a cloud-based customer success solution designed to help businesses identify upselling or cross selling opportunities and reduce customer churns. The application enables administrators to create customer segments, track... Learn more

Hotjar is an all-in-one digital experience insights platform. It’s all the tools and data you need to truly understand your users’ behavior and create engaging experiences that drive results. Get to know your users at every step... Learn more

Braze is a leading customer engagement platform that powers lasting connections between consumers and brands they love. Braze allows any marketer to collect and take action on any amount of data from any source, so they can... Learn more

Whatfix is a data-driven digital adoption platform (DAP) that enables organizations and users to maximize the benefits of software. Whatfix acts as an interactive overlay on top of any application to guide users with real-time... Learn more

GUIDEcx is a customer onboarding solution that simplifies complex implementation workflows. Unlike other project management tools, GUIDEcx is built to engage internal teams and customers or third parties. With over 300,000... Learn more

MoEngage helps businesses grow their customer lifetime value (LTV) by engaging them in a timely, relevant, and personalized way. It caters to various industries, including e-commerce and retail, telco, banking and finance, travel... Learn more

Screeb is an all-in-one platform designed to optimize your product and customer experiences. With powerful features like product analytics, customer feedback collection, in-app messaging, release management, user interview... Learn more

Lebesgue is an AI CMO solution built specifically for Shopify stores that are looking to boost their digital marketing efforts, and stay updated on every aspect of their Shopify store. Using Lebesgue businesses are able to spot... Learn more

Raven is an online academy that creates product experts at scale. They drive the adoption of behavior change and accelerate product mastery through our Raven methodology, which is based on the most effective ways to learn. Here’s... Learn more

Stames is a cloud-based customer support and team communication platform that helps businesses manage customer queries and complaints via a unified portal. Key features include issue tracking, sales engagement, customer satisfacti... Learn more

Optimove is a customer-led marketing platform that helps companies get closer to their customers and learn about them. Optimove enables businesses of all sizes to enhance their customer experience using AI, digital channels, and... Learn more

Catalyst is a cloud-based Customer Success Platform (CSP) created by CS leaders for use by CS teams. We help Customer Success teams centralize siloed customer data, get a clear line of sight into customer health, and scale... Learn more

Flyx is an omnichannel loyalty program that helps improve growth and customer engagement through a loyalty engine. Users can gain an understanding of customers, customize communications based on clients' preferences, disseminate... Learn more