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Data Privacy Software

Metomic helps businesses search for sensitive data stored within forgotten files. It scans SaaS apps such as Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and more, to discover confidential information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and... Learn more

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Segment is a customer data management platform that can collect and control customer data from mobile and web apps to provide a comprehensive data toolkit for marketing, product, and engineering teams. With Segment, teams can... Learn more

Virtru is a cloud-based data privacy and security platform that helps businesses of all sizes across education, IT, manufacturing, finance and various other industries manage and encrypt emails. The application enables supervisor... Learn more

OneTrust is a whistleblowing solution designed to help HR, ethics and legal teams manage code of conduct and compliance programs on a unified interface. The platform allows informants to anonymously report unethical or illegal... Learn more

The first business platform that is dedicated to data privacy operations while placing consumers and UX at the center. - Fastest DSR and DSAR facilitation flow in the market. - AI-powered discovery, control & data type... Learn more

caralegal reimagines data protection: The Privacy Solution Platform for future-oriented companies organises and simplifies data protection management. As a Single Source of Truth, it provides a clear overview and eliminates... Learn more

Collibra unites organizations by delivering trusted data for every use, for every user, and across every source. Our Data Intelligence Cloud brings flexible governance, continuous quality and built-in privacy to all types of... Learn more

Transcend is a cloud-based data privacy and compliance management solution, which helps organizations streamline access or erasure requests and consent changes across every data system. The platform automates identity... Learn more

Accountable is a cloud-based compliance and risk management software designed for healthcare practices of all sizes. It helps users manage HIPAA compliance, policies and procedures, HIPAA training, risk assessment and business... Learn more

Organizations face increasing demands for high-powered analytics that produce fast, trustworthy results. Whether it’s providing teams of data scientists with advanced machine learning capabilities or delivering mobile applications... Learn more

SAI360 is a cloud-based Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software that helps businesses in healthcare, IT, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining, energy, utilities, and other sectors manage sustainability, view risk indicators,... Learn more

omniTrust is a data privacy and consent management platform designed to help businesses ensure compliance with data privacy laws, manage consent, data collection, and process automation. omniTrust is the world's largest data... Learn more

Admeet is a cloud-based application that enables businesses to make their website GDPR-compliant. The platform helps users to generate a privacy policy, cookie policy, and cookie banner unique to their organization. They also... Learn more

Weagle is an advanced enterprise security solution designed to protect sensitive business data during web browsing activities. It is specifically engineered to empower organizations with complete control over their data privacy... Learn more

Identity theft, fraud, and ransomware can happen to anyone - individuals and businesses need to ramp up their mobile security defences. By adopting a secure mobile solution with E2EE hosted on a private secure infrastructure,... Learn more

Adzapier manages and maintains Cookie Consent with one simple, easy set up. It covers consents globally with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and the IAB TCF 2.0 compliance framework. No code is required, simply add a basic JavaScript tag to... Learn more

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Omnisient is a privacy-preserving platform that helps companies ensure their data is current and de-identified for better consumer intelligence while remaining compliant with personal data privacy laws. Consumer behavioral data... Learn more

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ActiveNav is a data governance and compliance management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to data mapping, migration, classification, privacy management, and more from within a unified platform. It... Learn more

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