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Algolia is a search and discovery API platform for building powerful and composable experiences while solving for relevance with AI and configurable rules. Algolia Search enables our customers to design and implement unique... Learn more

ModuleQ helps sales teams ahead of meetings with customers and prospects by delivering a briefing with relevant news, links and other resources. The AI notifies users in real time when there’s important news related to their... Learn more

xFind is an AI-powered solution for customer service and enterprise support teams that fuses Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. The software caters to customer service, IT... Learn more

Cronycle is content curation, collaboration, distribution and sharing tool designed to assist businesses with research and content discovery, made with recommended sources such as related topics, RSS and experts on Twitter. Users... Learn more

Korra is an AI-powered customer support solution designed to help businesses enhance customer service experiences. Korra offers key features, such as a self-service AI chatbot, automated content analysis, and a powerful natural... Learn more

Qatalog provides one search bar for your business that helps teams find information, get answers and work faster. The workplace today is a complex web of data, tools, and platforms. Navigating the business information maze... Learn more

Datawalt is a company that provides Business Intelligence services through a platform called W-Suite, generating reports that are updated automatically and as often as you need. We connect to the different databases of your... Learn more

Sinequa is a cloud-based enterprise search platform, which helps large organizations across healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government sectors discover and collect relevant information and insights from a variety of... Learn more

Big Zeta is a provider of B2B digital products designed by engineers for technical buyers. With products and services to optimize website keywords and parametric search, the platform increases customer engagement and addresses... Learn more

Founded in 2018, Pecan is a cutting-edge predictive analytics platform that leverages its pioneering Predictive GenAI technology to eliminate obstacles to AI adoption. Pecan democratizes predictive modeling by enabling data and... Learn more