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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

ChatPulse is a sentiment and emotion analysis application for Slack. It leverages natural language processing to provide insights into team communication, engagement, and morale. The app caters to HR managers, people managers,... Learn more

Denser AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to enhance semantic search and chat capabilities on websites. This technology is aimed at companies looking to improve their website search functions and user... Learn more

KP16 is market research software that helps businesses with gathering, visualizing, and strategizing using consumer insights data. The main features of KP16 include benchmarking, real time data, visual analytics, customer... Learn more

Grooper was built from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience developing and delivering new technology. Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that... Learn more

RapidMiner is a cloud-based and on-premise data science solution, which helps small to large organizations access, load and analyze structured and unstructured data. Key features include process automation, model validation, data... Learn more

The Chattermill Unified Customer Intelligence Platform helps businesses unlock their customer reality. Using Chattermill, companies can unify their customer feedback data across reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social... Learn more

Digimind is a cloud-based social media monitoring solution suitable for businesses in any industry. Key features include social media monitoring, keyword monitoring, reputation management and reporting and analysis. Digimind... Learn more

Analyzing customer and employee feedback has become effortless with Deep Talk. This powerful tool can turn various forms of text such as surveys, reviews, chats, and emails into valuable data in just a few clicks. With Deep... Learn more

Moveo.AI revolutionizes customer experiences through cutting-edge conversational AI agents. Our enterprise-grade platform, driven by generative AI and proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), redefines data processing, enabling... Learn more

Organizations face increasing demands for high-powered analytics that produce fast, trustworthy results. Whether it’s providing teams of data scientists with advanced machine learning capabilities or delivering mobile applications... Learn more

Atribus is a cloud-based consumer intelligence solution that allows users to monitor digital media sources and track the most relevant content regarding their brand, topics and competitors across social networks and online... Learn more

Businesses can't hire enough agents to keep every customer happy, so Mosaicx uses conversational AI to create an agent-like experience without a human agent. This creates fast, easy, personalized service experiences, which... Learn more

MonkeyLearn is a cloud-based text analytics platform, which helps small to large enterprises train custom machine learning (ML) models to perform sentiment analysis, topic classification, intent detection and entity extraction.... Learn more

The Aware platform enables organizations to proactively discover, classify, secure, and manage data It solves for governance, risk, compliance and insights from collaboration tools like Slack, Workplace, Teams, and Yammer. Aware... Learn more