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Load Balancing Tools

Cloudflare is a cloud-based web performance and security tool, which helps firms in the public and private sectors with protection and speed acceleration of websites applications and other internet services against hackers. Desi... Learn more

MariaDB is the database for all, supporting any workload, in any cloud, at any scale. It has the versatility to support transactional, analytical & hybrid workloads as well as relational, JSON & hybrid data models. MariaDB scales... Learn more

Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler) is an application delivery and load balancing solution that allows businesses to manage applications' availability, performance, and security. The platform comes in a wide variety of form factors... Learn more

Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC) platform, which uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to manage website performance, compliance and application security against distributed denial of... Learn more

Quotaguard is enterprise-level HIPAA/PCI-compliant static IP proxies for routing Secure SOCKS and HTTP traffic through a load-balanced pair of static IP addresses. QuotaGuard Shield's static IP proxy service offers end-to-end... Learn more

WebLOAD is a cloud-based and on-premise website performance testing tool designed to help businesses create, run and manage test environments for a variety of technologies, websites and applications. The platform enables... Learn more

Traefik Labs helps businesses say goodbye to connectivity chaos by simplifying and accelerating the API and microservices lifecycles. With Traefik's unmatched approach to cloud native, businesses can reimagine their application... Learn more

NeoLoad is a load testing software that provides DevOps teams with tools to design and conduct code-less performance tests for complex applications. Developers can run automated API tests as codes and utilize CI/CD tools to... Learn more

k6 is a cloud-based load testing tool designed to help software engineers monitor and test the performance of APIs and microservices. The application enables developers to build test cases, validate the working of APIs for... Learn more

VMware NSX enables the secure, elastic and multitenant cloud with full-stack network and security virtualization. It helps connect and protect application workloads across data centers, multi-cloud and container infrastructure by... Learn more

Haltdos helps users protect websites and web services by providing DDoS mitigation. It helps monitor, detect and mitigate DDoS attacks. It offers heuristic, behavioral and reputational-based anomaly detection to counter DDoS... Learn more