FloCareer is a cloud-based software that helps users manage their applicant tracking and interviewing processes. It allows staff members to perform candidate scheduling via SMS, email, or phone, conduct skills-based interviews... Learn more

isolved is the most-trusted HCM technology leader, providing the best combination of software and services to meet the needs of today’s People Heroes – HR, payroll, and benefits professionals. From talent acquisition to workforce... Learn more

The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform includes pre-employment tests and behavioral assessments that HR managers can use to evaluate JobFit in applicants so they can make hiring decisions with confidence and decrease attrition.... Learn more

Backed by extensive scientific I/O research, Wonderlic Select analyzes three crucial components of a candidate: cognitive ability, personality, and motivation. Using this data, the platform ensures that businesses are hiring the... Learn more

Hireology brings everything you need to recruit and hire quality talent fast into one intuitive platform that is designed with your unique industry in mind. The platform is built for small and midsize businesses in industries... Learn more

Wizehire is an award-winning top recruiting software for hiring agencies, growing businesses, and enterprises. Post job ads to 100+ job boards with one click. We offer an advanced applicant tracking system, a centralized... Learn more

Better talent begins with better insights. Upgrade your workforce with a 360-degree platform focused on improving your talent acquisition outcomes. Access tools that empower you to identify best-fit talent through candidate... Learn more

CareerPlug provides recruiting and HR software solution that includes applicant tracking and paperless onboarding. With the tools to attract and evaluate candidates, hiring managers are able to make their process more consistent... Learn more

HR Avatar tests help busy managers hire people who perform better, get along with the team, and stay in the job. 200+ tests for the most popular jobs. Whole-person approach provides a detailed report of cognitive abilities,... Learn more

TestDome is a cloud-based automated skill testing solution designed to help businesses of all sizes screen candidates and manage the recruitment process for programmers and IT professionals. A pre-employment skill-testing... Learn more

Did you know that bad hires can result in a 32% drop in employee morale and a 36% drop in productivity? They can also cost up to 25% of your employee's first-year salary. Don't risk your company's growth and integrity by making... Learn more

Oorwin: AI powered Talent Intelligence that combines sourcing, recruiting, hiring and onboarding with integrated talent management. AI enabled recruitment boosts internal or external recruiter productivity and effectiveness,... Learn more

Mitratech’s TalentReef platform enables hiring managers to focus on business operations and customers while decreasing time-to-hire. Today's candidates want a fast, intuitive way to find jobs and apply. We go beyond simple job... Learn more

Vervoe is a recruitment management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage hiring, assessment and screening operations via video interviews, skill tests and more. The platform comes with white-label capabilities, which... Learn more

EasyHire.me is a cloud-­based video interview platform that enables companies to screen candidates using live and recorded videos, phone calls and real-time code assessments. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and any... Learn more

QuestBase helps businesses create, manage, deliver and online tests, assessments, and certification programs. It features full integration with Blackboard, Moodle, and other LMS systems. It includes an editor that helps users... Learn more

Coderbyte is a pre-employment testing platform designed to help businesses assess candidates using screenings, interviews and take-home projects throughout the entire technical recruiting process. Its plagiarism detection... Learn more

CodeSignal is on a mission to discover and develop the skills that will shape the future. Go beyond skills gaps with advanced skills insights that help chart development paths and signal true skills mastery. Combined with our... Learn more

HireVue is a cloud-based Human Resource Management *HRM) solution that helps businesses functionality to conduct video interviews with candidates. The solution allows job candidates to complete interview questions via an online... Learn more

Canditech is a cloud-based assessment solution that helps human resources (HR) professionals manage online tests, video interviews, candidate review, cheating attempts, reporting and more. The platform offers various features... Learn more

Codility is a remote hiring platform for engineering teams. They use our platform to predict the real-life skills of their technical candidates at all stages of the hiring process, via unbiased and relevant assessments on... Learn more

Talview AI-powered recruiting and proctoring solution is ideal for large scale recruiting of enterprise organizations and conducting a large volume of assessments, tests or exams. From the testing center to the office to the... Learn more

Evalart is a SaaS pre-employment testing solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to assessment creation, reporting, fraud detection and more on a centralized platform. It enables HR professionals to use the... Learn more

ExamOnline uses an AI to auto-detect candidates by cross-checking their photos with images collected from registration. It verifies that the person attending the exam is the same who registered. It is a groundbreaking platform... Learn more

Xobin is a glitch-free assessment software for pre-employment tests, employee skills tests and psychometric testing. The software allows users to optimize the recruitment life cycle from Pre-hire skills screening to Video... Learn more

Jobma is a cloud-based video interviewing solution that offers tools for candidate screening, organization branding and video sharing. The solution is available in multiple languages and supports businesses of all sizes. Jobma... Learn more

Skeeled is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that assists businesses of all sizes with candidate profiling and recruitment. Its key features include talent assessment, collaboration, communication, process automation and... Learn more

Ducknowl is a talent screening and assessment tool that helps recruiters and staffing agencies of all sizes efficiently identify top candidates. From one centralized location, the platform provides tools for video screenings,... Learn more

Testlify is a comprehensive talent assessment platform designed to help recruiters quickly identify and hire top-performing candidates. With deep analysis that is accurate, automated, and unbiased, Testlify takes the stress out... Learn more

OutMatch is a cloud-based video interviewing solution, which helps organizations discover, assess and recruit candidates. Features include real-time feedback, automated scheduling, resume sourcing, customizable branding,... Learn more

Tazio is a cloud-based solution that helps medium to large organizations manage recruitment, assessment and employee engagement via aptitude exams, realistic job previews, hybrid tests, video interviews and more. Tazio allows... Learn more

Talentcube is a cloud-based video interviewing platform that allows candidates to showcase their personality, expertise, and fit through a one-of-a-kind video interview experience. It lets HR teams conduct screenings, facilitate... Learn more

Softy is a cloud-based applicant tracking system designed for HR professionals and recruitment agencies that helps streamline the hiring process. It allows users to handle job applications by publishing job advertisements,... Learn more

Glider AI Talent Quality Platform, 2021 SIA winner for most innovative HR technology, provides hiring solutions including pre-hiring assessments, skill tests, coding/video interviews, one-way interviews, candidate screening... Learn more

HighMatch is a cloud-based pre-employment testing solution that helps human resource (HR) professionals streamline hiring decisions. HighMatch measures traits and abilities that can predict success on the job, allowing recruiters... Learn more

Eklavvya is a cloud-based assessment tool that provides organizations with an easy and convenient way to create, manage, and deliver custom expert evaluations. Systems such as academic tests, hiring assessments and coding exams... Learn more

Plum is a cloud-based talent management solution that assists businesses with workforce planning, talent acquisition, succession planning, employee skill development, and talent-building processes. It allows recruiters to conduct... Learn more